Hello, and welcome to Sonder State of Mind. I’m Emilly, and no the second L is not a spelling error, I really do have an extra L in my name. I am born and raised in a smaller town just outside Buffalo, New York. I am a freshmen in college and still trying to figure my life out (How millennial of me.) Really though, people are asking a lot of us to have our lives planned fresh out of High School…I’m just saying!


Now some may be wondering where I got the name Sonder State of Mind from, and I’m here to say that it finally came about after months of agonizing over ideas. I stumbled across the word sonder; meaning the realization that you are living a life as vivid and complex as those around you. I grew up being told to mind my manners because nobody knows the life that others lead and therefore cannot judge until we’ve been in their shoes. Thus became, Sonder State of Mind.


Still a baby, Sonder State of Mind has much to learn, and will be ever-changing. This is a newly made lifestyle blog. Sharing ideas, trends, and updates on life, this blog is a record of my ever-changing plans and ideas, my deep interest in writing, and my journey through life. I hope you stick around and enjoy a behind-the-scenes!!