Featuring Maddie Veller: Interior Design

Maddie Veller, a friend, and phenomenally talented artist shares with me her passion and drive behind Interior Design. Below I ask her questions about where she gets her inspiration, and how she finds ideas to incorporate into future designs. For this particular project, she used watercolor and pen to create the visual drawings on this Banner. Keep scrolling for more!

A portion of the Client Profile:

Olivia and Garrett Reeves are the new owners of an urban apartment located in Greenwich Village. They are newlyweds and come from both American and Italian cultural backgroundS. Olivia is 25, 5’4” and weighs 125 pounds and Garrett is 26, 5’11” and weighs 175 pounds. She is a magazine editor for Vogue and loves to make lifestyle and beauty YouTube videos in her free time. Garrett is a financial broker and loves to read fiction and watch movies when he isn’t in the office. They both share a huge passion for coffee tasting and consider themselves coffee connoisseurs. They would like a designated area of the apartment specifically for them to enjoy and celebrate all things coffee. They also have six original Alexander Calder art pieces that they would like to display in their new home.


Interview with Maddie

      1.   What is your passion for Interior Design? When did you first know you had a knack for it, and wanted to pursue it?

Art and design have always been something I’ve been interested in. I grew up with two brothers and I was always playing video games and legos with them. I specifically remember designing the homes in the games or building intricate structures with the legos. I didn’t realize design was something I wanted to pursue until I was a sophomore in high school and I was able to take interior design courses my junior and senior year.

     2.   What inspired this particular design?

My inspiration for this project was myself in a way. I took it as if this was my first apartment in NYC so that’s why I chose to do young clients. I’ve also always wanted to do a mix of existing charm and character in an apartment and restoring it to modernize it for today.

   3.   Do the ideas pertaining to the design just pop into your head or do you do any sort of research?

When coming up with design ideas I like to focus on the client and what will benefit and suit them most. I also like to make sure everything is efficient and has a purpose to the space so, depending on the clients I will research certain aspects in order to make the right design decisions. 

     4.   What types of sources do you use to get ideas (magazines, tv shows, etc.)

I like to use resources in the city for inspiration so I will go to showrooms in the D&D building or 200 Lexington and get inspiration for future projects there. I also love Pinterest and looking through design magazines. There’s design everywhere so when I’m walking around or go into new buildings the design is always what I notice first.

IMG_8900 (1) copy
Maddie Veller (picture above) and photographed by Natalie Carozza

Be sure to check out next weeks feature! In the meantime follow Maddie on her social media account and Natalie on hers! Thank you for reading, and as always,




Maddie Veller’s Instagram

Natalie Carozza’s Instagram

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