Featuring Jamie Stanley: Decals and T-shirt Design Business

Today’s feature is the one-and-only Jamie. (PS she is my mom, but this is completely professional bizznis I promise.) We are chatting about car/window decals, and custom made T-shirts. Jamie owns her own Bait and Tackle shop All in the Same Boat, located in Newfane, NY. Newly opened and thriving already is West End Designs (located in the same building.) How convenient! Jamie takes custom orders for just about anything. Check out the interview below for more information, and then check out her page on Facebook to get in touch for your custom orders! Below are pictures of previous designs she has created!


Jamie with two of her boys.

1.  What is your inspiration for your decals and shirt designs? Where do you find the ideas?

My inspiration for doing the decals and the T-shirts and the designs is providing people with quality products that they can enjoy for years to come. When I am working on a product, I know that it is going to be enjoyed for a long time. My ideas come from either something that I have seen and that is inspirational, or it is a joint effort by the customer and I that come up with an idea.

     2.  What would you say your target market is for your decals? I know you will customize just about any design, but based on what you make that isn’t specifically customized to someone’s desire, what target market do your own designs reach?

I’m not really sure that I have a specific target market. When I’m looking at designs, I’ll literally be driving down the road and I noticed myself recognizing more and more decals, bumper stickers etc. where it’s not something that I have recognized in the past. In fact, I don’t even have any on my own car. I guess it’s just something that strikes your attention when it’s seen. So I try to come up with ideas that have that original “pop” factor that somebody will just recognize and say “Hey I need that.”

     3.   Just about how long did it take to finally master your craft? What did you do to learn the programs and the machines that you use?

I will never have this project completely mastered. I’m learning new things on the program every day. YouTube has become my best friend.

 4.   Try to explain the process in a few short steps to help people understand the ‘behind the scenes’ of your work.

So, when I find an idea that I want to put together, I try to find an image that is similar to my idea. I then upload that image to a program where I can alter the details to make it original and my own. It’s then sent to a plotter (cutter) which cuts the decal into a heat transfer vinyl that I can use for T-shirts or a plastic vinyl that is used for details and voilà that’s it.

    5.   What made you decide to start doing decals and t-shirt designs from owning your Bait and Tackle shop?

I had originally purchased the equipment simply to cut tapes and other things for lures in the bait and tackle shop. The equipment “package” came with some heat transfer vinyl so eventually, I played around and made a couple T-shirts and then I started making decals for cars. At times it can actually be therapeutic.

     6.  Why did you decide to start making your own garments instead of purchasing from a mass manufacturer?

There is something about adding your own personal touch to a product. Not every single product is the same. I can make five of the exact same T-shirts but every one of them is an individual T-shirt. It may have a flaw here or there but that’s what makes it individual.

   7.   On average, how many people request customized orders per week? What do you do to keep that number growing? In other words, how do you market your product to different crowds?

It varies. On average I’d say I get maybe 7 to 10 a week. A lot of them are coming from the marketplace on Facebook. I’ve also reached out to further areas like Pennsylvania, Rochester, and other areas that are out of my zone on Facebook. There is also quite a bit of word of mouth. Stuff that I’ve done for people in the plaza or over at Tim Hortons tell their friends and then there are requests from them.

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Stay tuned for next weeks feature! While you anxiously wait for the arrival of next Wednesday be sure to check out Jamie’s Facebook page!

ASB Tackle

West End Designs

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