Featuring Connor Furst: Not Only Women Can Be​ Feminists

Connor Furst (picture above, photographed by Mary Calder) is a model and aspiring actor. He is proud to call himself a feminist, and hey..I’m glad to have him around. Today we talk about the Feminist Movement. We talk about why it is important, and why men CAN be feminists too.


First a message from me about feminism. The proper definition taken straight from the dictionary is…(Dictionary.com Feminist definition)

adjective, Sometimes, feministic


advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men.

an advocate of such rights.

What this means, is that people can take all of their preconceived notions that feminists are useless, fighting for nothing, men-hating characters, and well..nicely put, shove it. Wake up world, and welcome to 2018. Feminists fight for equality. Let’s be honest, Y’all can’t do it without us, and yet we live in a male-dominated and sexist world. We do have a reason for this movement, and we won’t stop until we get equality. So buckle up, we’ve got a bumpy road ahead. Now switch to my guy Connor here. I have had the absolute pleasure of getting to know him as a human being and a friend. He is respectful, dignified, and willing to stand up for what he believes in. Below is a piece that was written by him on why men can and should be feminists. I’ll leave the rest to him.

Connor:Equality is so important for a society to thrive. The unequal treatment of men and women is unfair, and that’s why I am a feminist. I believe that all men and women are created equal. It’s also extremely important to understand that not only women can be feminists! Men can be feminists too, and it’s important that they are so that everyone is fighting for the same cause. We need everyone to support women because neither gender can accomplish it alone. In the future, I hope the term feminist becomes useless because everyone will have equal rights. It’s an extremely important movement, and everyone should be on board, male and female alike.

Photo by Alexa Mazzarello on Unsplash

Stay tuned for next weeks feature. Be sure to follow Connor on his social media. Also, follow Mary Calder on her media, and Youtube Channel (all linked below.)

Connor’s Instagram

Mary’s Instagram

Mary’s Youtube Channel

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