Featuring Mia Freda: Veganism

Mia Freda (pictured above, and photographed by Mike Druce) a growing beauty, and lifestyle Youtuber has recently switched to a vegan lifestyle. Below we talk yummy foods, health benefits, and even some “along the way” struggles (ex. cravings, lethargy, and stomach aches..blah, am I right?) Check it out and drop some comments about your thoughts on Veganism! Be sure to check out her channel and other social media (all listed below.) She has a whole video on going vegan on her channel, so check that out for any questions not answered below!

1.     A common misconception is that vegans don’t get enough protein in their diets that they would if they ate meat, eggs, and dairy products. What is your take on this?

I think it’s a very antiquated idea that protein only comes from meat and dairy. It’s ingrained in the mind of Americans because that’s what our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents grew up telling us, but I think millennials are really starting to debunk that myth. Plant-based protein is available in so many places, like beans, nuts, dark green veggies, veggie pasta, cashew/almond yogurt, as well as plant-based supplements like protein powder! The list goes on forever.

2.     It has become apparent that being vegan has become a sort of trend in recent months, what do you think about this?

I can’t decide how I feel about people calling veganism a “trend.” I feel like that gives it a negative connotation or suggests that it’s transient. If you’re partaking in veganism to be trendy, you aren’t doing it for the right reasons. I would call it “awareness.” Personally, I’m really happy awareness has been spreading. I honestly hope the movement never stops growing!

3.     What was the deciding factor for you when you switched to a vegan lifestyle?

My initial driving reason for going vegan was because of the unfair treatment of animals in the meat and dairy industries. I found it immoral and hypocritical to claim that I loved animals while I consumed their dead bodies. Then, as time went on, I discovered the health benefits, too. I became health-conscious all around, making me even more passionate about my decision.

4.     There are people who want to switch to the vegan lifestyle but are ‘picky’ eaters and don’t know how to make certain meals or even have known about the extent of the options for a vegan diet. What do you have to say about this?

That was me! I know it’s hard to believe, but I was literally the world’s pickiest, most unhealthy eater before I went vegan. All throughout high school, I would eat Pop Tarts for breakfast, Italian hoagies for lunch, and pasta, pizza, cheeseburgers, or steak for dinner every single night. I have gone through an insane transformation in the last year. If you’re doing it for the right reasons, then along with your passion for veganism will come a passion for cooking that you never knew existed, as well as a desire to expand your taste buds and experiment with foods you never thought you’d want to try. I can’t really describe it, but going vegan has completely changed my perspective on food. You won’t understand it until you try it yourself!

5.     What do you think about publicizing a vegan lifestyle? So many people do it, so how do you keep content different and interesting for sharing your lifestyle journey?

I could totally be doing better on my part, but I wholeheartedly appreciate those vegan channels that upload consistent content. When I do share my vegan lifestyle, I think the main motivator for me is to inspire others and motivate them to live a healthier life. I can’t describe how good it feels to hear people tell me they’re considering going vegetarian or vegan because of me. Also, vegan food combinations are endless, so I think it’s super easy to change it up and always make different content.

6.  What benefits do you feel physically and emotionally from being vegan?

Physically, I feel so much lighter. I don’t mean in weight but in movement. I don’t feel lethargic after a meal anymore, but instead, I feel energized. It’s the perfect amount of full. Going vegan also improved my digestion immensely; my chronic stomach aches are completely gone. Mentally, I have undergone such a transformation since going vegan. Being health-conscious of my food has ultimately led me to discover a newfound passion for wellness and spirituality as a whole. Also, I feel so much more compassionate for animals, the Earth, and the environment, because I know that my lifestyle is actively supporting them instead of harming them. I feel no guilt attached to what I eat and drink. Veganism has changed my life in a completely positive way.

I mean look at those dishes. They’re Vegan, healthy, and delicious! How can you go wrong?

I hope you enjoyed this week’s feature! Be sure to stay tuned for next week’s! Also, check out Mia’s social media pages and her channel (listed below.) Thanks again to Mike Druce for the Photograph of Mia, follow his page as well. Until next week.




Mia’s Youtube Channel

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Mike Druce’s Photography Instagram

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