Featuring Shannon Zuppa: Fitness Lifestyle

My name is Shannon Zuppa and, over the past four years, health and fitness have been my niche.  I have learned and I have grown within these 4 years. I’ve gone from binge eating, to not eating enough and now to finding balance and having a healthy mindset (something I am still working on but getting better at every day). I am an inspiring motivator and hope to be a helping hand to as many people as I can reach. Everything in your life stems from a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mindset. You have one life and one body and should respect yourself enough to treat it well. You don’t wake up every day to just be mediocre. Providing my body with proper nutrients makes me feel good. Exercise is my escape, my stress reliever, and my passion. Setting goals and achieving them is so rewarding. Remember a journey like this is simple but it is not easy. Consistency is key. Check below for my interview with Emilly.


1. They say it takes anywhere from 1 month to about 8.5 months to form a habit. That being said, since you’ve been on this journey for longer than that, do you believe that it has become more habitual?

Shannon: It has definitely become more habitual. It has become second nature to live this way.

2. On days that you may not feel motivated to go to the gym, what channels you to get up and go anyways?

Shannon: Of course, no one is perfect and we all lack motivation at times, myself included. We are human and it’s normal. The biggest thing that helps me stay motivated is putting all my focus on my goals. With that being said more often than not when I push myself to get to the gym I feel way better when I leave than I did when I first walked in. Remember: you never regret going.

3. What was the deciding factor on this journey? What clicked where you decided that this was the lifestyle you wanted?

Shannon: Honestly, the benefits of living this way are the biggest thing for me to continue this lifestyle. Self-love plays an active role in this journey. I choose to exercise and nourish my body because I love it, not because I hate it. I think that is a big misconception for people. I find that people have a “hate” mindset rather than an “I’m doing this because I love and respect my body”. It’s sad because a majority of people in our country do not know what it feels like to “feel good”. Everything in your life stems from your health and self-love.

4. What do you like/dislike about publicizing your journey?

Shannon: Being able to be a helping hand to people who are not familiar with how to live a healthy lifestyle is the biggest thing for me. Being able to motivate, teach, inspire, and help others reach their goals is life-changing and is the BIGGEST factor for WHY I do what I do.

There is nothing I regret or dislike about publicizing my journey. People will always have room to talk but that’s ok. We are all entitled to our opinions. But I am doing what makes me happy and I am going to continue sharing my journey with others.

5. What is your advice to people who want to start a healthier lifestyle, but just don’t know how?

Shannon: My advice to those who don’t know where to start is to start simple and small. Make little changes, for example, telling yourself “I am going to exercise two days a week, Monday and Wednesday”. In addition, we all know that fruits and vegetables are good for you from the start of a young age. Small changes of swapping out the candy bar for an apple. Start small and start simple. I can assume a person who is unaware of how to start a healthier lifestyle is aware that their lifestyle is not how they want to be living. In this case, they do know that CHANGE needs to occur to reach their goals. Remember: consistency is key and don’t forget to drink your water.

6. What is your next goal? (Either small or large)

Shannon: My next goal is to gain overall muscle mass. I am currently lifting more, lifting heavy and increasing my calories.

7. Last question, what do you love most about this lifestyle? What is the most rewarding at the end of the day?

Shannon: I love the way it makes me feel. At the end of the day, the most rewarding thing is knowing I have accomplished my goals all on MY OWN and no one can take that away from me.



Thank you again to Shannon for letting me interview her! I hope you enjoyed this first feature! Be sure to stop by every Wednesday @4:00pm sharp for the newest one! Go follow Shannon on her social media to keep up with her journey. Also, follow Pixcel Studios for the great pictures!

Shannon’s Instagram: @shannonmariezuppa

Shannon’s fitness email inquires: shannonzuppafitness@gmail.com

Pixcel Studios Instagram: @PixcelStudios

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