Leaving New York City

So the first semester of my Freshmen year in college is finally drawing to a close, and I’m not staying in the city..what?! I know, I know… my posts show all of my fun here. Trust me, the city is great, but right now it is a place for me to visit, rather than a place that I’d like to live.

That being said…I’m beginning (yet again,) my second “new” chapter. I will be moving into an apartment, getting a new car, and going to a new University.

I have made a group of friends that will last a life time (some, but not all pictured above.) I’m glad that I took this opportunity in NYC, I know I would’ve regretted it had I stayed home. I have a lot of things in store for me in the upcoming months, so stay tuned and get excited.


Until then,





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