Summer to Autumn Staples

Born and raised in a suburb just outside of Buffalo, NY I know what it means to have all four seasons in just one week. It’s the kind of thing that meme’s are made of. That being said, after moving to New York City just one week ago, the weather patterns here are of little difference.

I moved into my dorm at the Fashion Institute of Technology not so long ago and the weather has been hot and humid ever since. It was just recently that we had the first of a series of days that were chilly.  Thus, this look was created. As summer leaves turn red, and the air grows colder, I’ve come up with my go-to staples for Autumn.

The outfit of choice was of course some loose fitting, high-waisted jeans from a local thrift store (since it’s all the rage these days,) a white camisole, white slip ons, and a leather jacket. Credit to an outside source, the red bandana was added as a fall pop of color for my very neutral toned look; along with a bold, almost copper metallic lip. To add another detail to a rather classic look, I added a black belt, and a black watch.

Fall being my favorite season of the year, I can’t wait to share more looks with you, as chillier days are ahead of us.





Photographed by Mae Duhnke

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