March 2018: Travel

travel [trav-uh l] to go from one place to another, as by car, train, plane, or ship; take a trip; journey:( Travel Definition)

Featuring Maddie Veller: Interior Design

Maddie Veller, a friend, and phenomenally talented artist shares with me her passion and drive behind Interior Design.

Featuring Connor Furst: Not Only Women Can Be​ Feminists

Connor Furst (picture above, photographed by Mary Calder) is a model and aspiring actor. He is proud to call himself a feminist, and hey..I'm glad to have him around.

Featuring Shannon Zuppa: Fitness Lifestyle

My name is Shannon Zuppa and, over the past four years, health and fitness have been my niche.  I have learned and I have grown within these 4 years. I’ve gone from binge eating, to not eating enough and now to finding balance and having a healthy mindset (something I am still working on but… Continue reading Featuring Shannon Zuppa: Fitness Lifestyle